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Erik Sacony

A lifelong artist, Erik has been into art of all kinds since a young age.

His love for painting and tattooing came while in High School. He started studying icons -- Bert Grimm, Cap Coleman, Sailor Jerry, Lyle Tuttle, and Philadelphia Eddie. 

While attending West Chester UNIVERSITY he studied art history while majoring in graphic design. It was then he began incorporating the art of tattooing in his portfolio. He is the owner and founder of Headway Art Collective. 

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Kynneth Peterkin

I was born in Hackensack, New Jersey in the early 80's. Moved to Lansdale, Pennsylvania in the early 90's. Most of my inspiration comes from the pop culture of those two eras. Horror/ fantasy/ and action movies were my go to for ideas, as well as various Saturday morning cartoons of the time. Sometime in the 90's I got into reading comics. My favorite titles were X-Men, Spider-Man, Spawn, and the Maxx. The best way I can describe my style is what would happen if you took all the sugar fueled and sometimes nightmarish entertainment and images your average person in their 30's grew up with, threw it all in a blender, and left the lid off.

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Shannon Vogel

Shannon is an artist and photographer residing in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. She started dabbling in many types of art at a young age and through her high school career in New Jersey where she grew up. She has experience with sculpture, metal work, painting, drawing and more. Shannon loves to bounce between different types of art often. Photography has always been a constant love for Shannon though, with nature and macro photography being her strong suit. Currently Shannon has been working on abstract pour paintings, and small functional resin pieces alongside any photography she can fit in. 

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Niki Leibowitz

Nicole is a Lansdale based artist that specializes in wearable art but loves to paint on all surfaces. She is well known in the community for teaching sip and paint classes and has donated many pieces to local charitable organizations.


Nicole is very community driven and feels very strongly that art can bring people together in a positive way!

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Mandy Greenfield

Mandy Greenfield is a local artist of Hatfield, PA where she lives with her husband and sons. She is a romance author with a great love of the written word which inspires her art. A lover of nature and books, her art encapsulates the ideals of both of those worlds, bringing them together in a delicious fusion of wood, paper, ink and paint. She is available for custom work, as well as show opportunities.

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Steve Capaldi

SteveCapaldi Art...I am considered “OG” in the Headway Art Collective and I like that! Unique and original artwork inspired by my interests.

I have a busy mind; so I like to create from daily experiences; using a variety and combinations of mediums. I sincerely appreciate every sale of my artwork. Thank you.

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Billy Leake

Originally from culpeper Virginia, billy moved to Pennsylvania to attend college in Philadelphia where he received an associates in graphic design from the art Institute of Philadelphia. Billy now lives in Lansdale, PA with his wife Carolyn, his daughter Callie and loves drawing anything from the hilariously grotesque, to the obscenely cute and cuddly, because he believes there is room enough for both in the world and wants to make people cringe a little, but also go AWWWW!


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Featured Artist

Chixie And The Pone Profile.jpg

Chixie and the Pone

Chixie & The Pone is the collaborative effort of Charity (Chixie) and Rusty (The Pone) Bartram. Creating out of Sellersville, Pennsylvania, we experiment with mixed media that includes everything from melted crayon art, to various label collages and doodles. Our inspiration includes pop art, punk, abstract, and outsider art. We are a bit all over the place and strive to create whimsical mayhem!

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Vicky McGarry

Lansdale based, Philly born Professional Artist Vicky McGarry, Owner of Paint Parties by Vicky, instructs guests to recreate her original acrylic paintings in any theme. Inspired by nature, her expressive, realistic landscapes, seascapes, florals, animals, and pet portraits appeal to the senses. Vicky earned a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University and a M.Ed from Chestnut Hill College. Her paintings have been exhibited in many local Juried Shows and she received a People’s Choice Award twice. Commission Vicky at PaintPartiesbyVicky@comcast.net

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Annie McCourt-Makaron

Annie creates art as therapy to battle depression and anxiety. She hopes her work inspires others to accept ALL the parts of themselves and make sense of the world around them. 

She lives in Hatfield with her amazing Little Women, teen artists in their own right, her Wild Man Husband and various animals and sprites.

She can be found running through the woods, on IG @artbyanniemm or on FB @ Art ByAnnie.

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Melinda Szczepanski

Melinda Szczepanski is a local stained glass artist who works in both leaded and foil techniques.  She is a lifelong resident of Lansdale.
Sometimes a simple piece of glass, whether it’s the color or the texture, is enough to inspire an entire project.
Melinda especially enjoys rescuing old, discarded window sashes and bringing them back to life to use as frames for her work.

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